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The series ‘Escaype live’ was officially launched by Disney+ Hotstar. It contains a total of 9 episodes out of which 7 of them were released on 20th May 2022 and 2 remaining episodes will be released on 9th May of the same month.

The series ‘Escaype live’ was officially launched by Disney+ Hotstar. It contains a total of 9 episodes out of which 7 of them were released on 20th May 2022 and 2 remaining episodes will be released on 9th May of the same month.

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Cast and crew

Siddharth as Krishna Rangaswamy
Rohit ChandelRajkumar
Sumedh Mudgalkar asDark Angel, AKA ‘Darkey’
Jaaved Jaaferi asRavi
Shweta TripathiSunaina
Mallika Singh asShrini Rangaswamy
Plabita BorthakurHina
Waluscha De Sousa asGia
Jag jeet Sandhu asNandu Mama
Aadya Sharma asRani Singh aka Dance Ran

Plot of escaype live web series

It’s a fiction thriller series, based on the dark reality of social media in the 21st. Century.
The show has been created in a way that we can somehow relate to our reality.

Let me tell you that the main plot of this series is about an app called Escape live where people can create short videos and share them with the world, and we all are well familiar with this concept.

This series revolves around some creators who are battling against each other to win a competition held by the app, where the winner will be rewarded with 3 crore rupees.

The contestant of the competition is not defined here.

This series shows the extent to which those creators tend to go to create content that surpasses the competitors and brings more views and diamonds to them.

And if people enjoy the video, they’ll circulate it and also give likes, but if they admire the content very much then they have an option of sending the creators some diamonds which are worth real money.

The basic concept is that the winner with higher diamonds will win the competition.
The amount earned by the creators will be equally shared between the app and the creators.

The series contains all those steps taken by those creators and the app developers which signifies how common people are tricked and played indirectly into the hands of greed.

Determining the contestant as greedy is only up to the few early series. Later we are shown their intentions behind their force to win.

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here are some of the reasons to watch this web series

1. The Performance of Sumedh Mudgalkar

For someone who already rules among the hearts of the masses, every initiative is self questionable.

But Sumedh is determined to be part of the content that contains the potential to favor the interest of the people.

If you’re a fan of Sumedh Mudgalkar, then this series won’t disappoint you in any terms.

His performance in the series Dark Angel, also known as Darkie, is astonishing and is almost related to a modern Western teenage boy who is among one those creators competing against each other.

Darkie can do anything to earn a name, fame, and Money. He’s open-minded and doesn’t give a second thought about doing something. An energetic soul that is selfish and self-motivated.

He’s seen with some of his personality talents that surpass normal people. And that’s the reason he’s extraordinary and is admired by the people.

To find out the personality he possesses, and the things he does to get famous, you’ll have to watch the series.

2. Characters from Northeast – Plabita Borthakur;

The character Hina is Played by Plabita whose birthplace is Assam State of Northeast India. And even in the series, she is portrayed as a northeastern girl.

Her beauty can be traced from the role she plays, and the things she had to go through throughout the series.

Her performance won’t disappoint you, and I’m sure you’ll fall for her after watching this series.

Many other side characters are from the northeast and even in most of the scenes, the people shown around are northeast Indians, and it seems beautiful to watch them here.

The efforts of this series regarding this decision of including people from the northeast, provide people with another reason to watch it.

3. Relating to our Modern world;

We all are aware of the trend that originated a few years ago, in which most people started to share their talents with the world through short videos app like Tiktok and others.

We get to see in most of the other series that their stories were based on some events that happened in the past.

But here, we get a vibe of the environment that we surround ourselves with the current situation.

It always conveys a certain message to the youths.

Languages are used properly and English has been given equal emphasis as other languages, and it creates a way to connect with the youth of our modern world.

4. Lessons; Misery, trust, and choosing wrong paths:

Misery is faced by all the creators in the show who come up from different backgrounds.

Taking about trust then you’ll experience How a human pushes another in the wrong direction by their influence and impact.

How a normal begging of life is molded to see the tempting opportunities as a shortcut to achieving success and ends up following a dark path.

Problems of trans women in society. How they miserably live their life and are not being able to share their truth with the world and their family, despite this, they are compelled to live a fake life to maintain themselves according to the society.

5. Twists and turns;

Many Unexpected things happen in the series starting from the beginning itself.

They trick your mind and convey a message that things are meant to be in a certain way. But something else happens instead and it also surprises you along with the questions that arise in your mind about what might happen next?

6. Dual identify;

People do things that are not suitable for them. And They are ready to go to any extent to achieve their goal, without considering the consequences of their action.

is it worth watching?

Considering the overall series as a source of entertainment, I would give it a rating of 8 out of 10.
Here in this series, we don’t only get to know about the struggle that one’s goes through throughout life, but also the hope that emerges and changed their way of viewing things.

Social media has its larger influence on the modern world, and it can’t be denied. But there are opportunities and misleads at the same time.

Some people just fail to understand the paths they choose and end up losing everything.

We could also see the Fetish girl losing everything in the web series.

You much watch this series if you have seen it for entertainment. This show’s worth your time.

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It’s an entertainment series that contains less comedy but is full of surprises. And connecting with the characters of the series is easy and quick. And since it contains adult scenes, you cannot watch it with family. After all, You won’t regret watching this series.

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