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In the wacky world of pet entertainment, an unexpected trend has emerged: hamster fights. Imagine little fighters in custom-made gear scurrying across meticulously planned arenas that resemble small battlefields. These miniature gladiators attract hearts with their quick moves and displays of bravery.

Hamster battle does not include aggressiveness, but rather demonstrates these small critters’ innate curiosity and playful inclinations. This unusual show emphasizes fun, inventiveness, and the rush of watching hamsters cross obstacle courses, engage in mock wars, and display their endearing behaviors.

As spectators root for their favorite contestants, this one-of-a-kind hobby shows the creative ways humans and animals interact, highlighting the link between pet owners and their beloved friends. Enter this charming arena, where cuteness meets competition, and feel the amazing.


  • Launch Date: March 25, 2024
  • 1 million players in 11 days
  • 8 million players total
  • 3 million daily active users
  • Average daily play time of 52 minutes
  • Initial shares per player 3
  • Current shares per player 15

What Is Hamster Kombat?

Hamster contests are a fun way for hamsters to play games. At these events, the little hamsters wear tiny costumes and go through mazes or pretend to battle in small arenas made just for them. The point is for the hamsters to have a good time and show how curious and playful they are naturally. It’s all about having silly fun with the pet hamsters.

It is about watching the cute and funny things hamsters do when they play. People enjoy seeing how smart and quick their pet hamsters can be. It helps pet owners bond with their hamster friends. Hamster combat is a delightful and fun activity that celebrates the special connection between humans and their furry hamster pets.

Amazing Features of the Game

Daily Rewards and Special Tasks:

Players are motivated to log in every day and complete a variety of tasks, earning points and exclusive rewards.

Frequent Giveaways:

Regular giveaways keep the excitement high and encourage ongoing participation.

In-Game Social Sharing:

Players can invite friends and grow their in-game network, earning extra rewards for each new recruit.

Upgradeable Hamsters:

Players can use their rewards to upgrade their hamsters, boosting their performance and earning potential.

Mechanics in Hamster Kombat

how to earn and spend points?

In the ridiculous game Hamster Combat, gaining points is as entertaining as watching a hamster run on its wheel. Players can earn up to 2,000 coins per day just by tapping. But there is more! Do the daily duties and special events to acquire tokens, which are essential for dressing up your hamsters and expanding your digital kingdom.

Joining partner Telegram groups is another unusual yet profitable thing to do. Joining costs 15,000 points, but you will earn 3,000 points per hour. So, after only 5 hours of play, you’ve already earned back those points and more.

Partner Channels and Rewards

Hamster Combat has partner groups that give you more fun and rewards. Joining these groups gets you extra points and special prizes. The referral program is really good. You get 2,000 coins for every friend that joins through Telegram.

And if your friend gets the premium plan, you get a huge 25,000 coins! The more your friends play and level up, the more coins you earn. It’s like a hamster wheel that keeps giving you more!

Instagarm Profile: https://www.instagram.com/hamster_koombat/

How can I earn more free tokens on Hamster Combat bot?

Daily Tasks and Special Events

In the crazy and wacky world of Hamster Combat, staying engaged is essential for establishing an effective hamster army. Daily chores are essential for earning points, tokens, and, on occasion, surprise goodies.

The game also includes unique events and sweepstakes, which provide opportunity to obtain exclusive upgrades and unusual stuff. These events are like hitting the lottery, allowing you to improve your hamsters and grow your digital empire.

Update Hamsters Kombat and Tokens

In Hamster Combat, the main focus is on enhancing your hamsters and collecting tokens. The game rewards your activity with tokens, earned through completing daily tasks. These tokens are vital for upgrading your hamsters and growing your digital empire.

To make the most of your upgrades:

  • Stay active to gather tokens regularly.
  • Prioritize upgrading hamsters with the highest potential stats.
  • Utilize special event rewards to give your upgrades a boost.

Community Engagement and Referral Program

Joining the Hamster Combat community is a big deal. The game spreads like wildfire, prompting you to invite pals. This not only boosts the amount of participants, but it also provides significant prizes for each individual you bring in.

The referral program is amazing. When you invite a friend on Telegram, you get 2,000 coins. If your friend has a premium Telegram account, you will receive a generous 25,000 coins. You also continue to collect coins while your friends play and progress through the game.

Participating in the Telegram and other platforms’ communities keeps you up to date on new events, tactics, and potential partnerships. This allows you to keep ahead of the competition while also effectively improving your hamster army.

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What makes Hamster Kombat such an engaging game?

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