70+ Lil Durk Quotes; And Captions From Songs 2020

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Here we have mentioned some of the best Lil Durk quotes and captions for Instagram from songs that he has released till now, and also from songs of 2020. I know you are searching for the quotes which would make your day and recall the moments that you felt while listening to the songs of Lil Durk.

I know the consequences of my actions.

I’m really living my dream so if I were to change anything up, I probably wouldn’t be where I am.

Loyalty over all that made up sh*t.

We out working the hardest workers.

There are not only quotes that pass normal thought, but we researched and found many Lil Durk quotes about love, relationships, life, and brothers. You can also use these quotes as your captions for Instagram pictures.

After reading all the quotes, if you still feel like we have missed any of his important and popular songs, then comment below the details of the songs and we would add the quotes from them.

Best Lil Durk quotes and captions for Instagram 2020;

Gotta be a snake to hang around your snakes.Lil Durk

I can’t get over my pain. Make you feel better.LIL DURK

I’m really living my dream so if I were to change anything up, I probably wouldn’t be where I am.Lil Durk

I know the consequences of my actions.

You know you can’t get over me. You know you can’t get away from me.LIL DURK

Sometimes the people you think pick you up low key be the downfall.LIL DURK

Money don’t make us we make money.LIL DURK

I know you with him cause he gotta sack. You say you don’t like no feelings attached. I know that you lied can’t mix it with facts.LIL DURK

Can’t see me you gotta pull up Youtube. Even though my situation you lose.LIL DURK

I got more power so don’t try me.LIL DURK

All the haters getting mad cause I’m right here.LIL DURK

These the days of my life. Extra money I’m maxing. To get it much I’m on a stratch.LIL DURK

The Family know how I feel about them. I can do no deal without them. I can’t even live without them.LIL DURK

Imma climb up to the top. Money up and it will not drop.LIL DURK

You could see that face on the brick or thousand.LIL DURK

I think my problem is that i argue with people no matter of their age.LIL DURK

Lil Durk motivational and inspirational quotes;

I’m undefeated that’s the stone truth cause battling me is like fighting.LIL DURK

Been through worse before. Like why you put me last. I put you first before.LIL DURK

There’s definitely a lot of responsibility to keep the good energy going.LIL DURK

I know what you did, don’t wanna hurt no more. Even though you took me through some hell.LIL DURK

Couldn’t wait to get crown say to myself when I make it I’m gone.Lil Durk

Put me in my place when I’m in the wrong. You make me mad, I’m throwing dirt up in yo name in songs.LIL DURK

Never care so much, ran out of Woods, just pass the Dutch.LIL DURK

I love to be counted out it make me hungry.LIL DURK

I doubted myself when I was losing thankful for not giving up.LIL DURK

I’m not tryna die young out here like I’m Roddy Ricch.LIL DURK

I never meant to start a war I just wanted you to let me in.Lil Durk

We move the same, we all as one, that’s what I’m talking about. I’m just saying you touch my chain fo nem chalk ’em out.LIL DURK

The one I call my brother not my brother cause he told them other niggas we not brothers.LIL DURK

Don’t ask for no favors if you don’t look out for me or my brothers.LIL DURK

I’m CashApp’in’ a couple hundred whenever my brother call.LIL DURK

Don’t get to comfortable around dem snakes.LIL DURK

We came from nothing really. One house. Ten people. Even days the lights was off. The worst days was not eating. Surviving off rice and toast.LIL DURK

Sometimes I like to scan the ledge, feel like I’m above ’em all.LIL DURK

I f***ed the whole world no matter who involved.LIL DURK

Temporary decisions cause permanent pain.LIL DURK

I’m the perfect example of never give up.LIL DURK

I remember they told me I sing to much I became the voice and gave em a different touch.LIL DURK

They told me don’t die young because I’m talented.LIL DURK

I speak my soul through my music, I’m so passionate.LIL DURK

And if you thinking bout taking my chain, just know you will die with it.LIL DURK

Been around my brothers, you give me endurance.LIL DURK

You got one life to live and you decide to be a goofy huh.LIL DURK

If you play with my name, those streets gon’ give you a taste.LIL DURK

India helped me become the voice thank you baby.LIL DURK

I speak my mind idc how nobody feel.LIL DURK

Lil Durk quotes about love and relationship;

You don’t know who really love you at heart when you got money.LIL DURK

Gotta watch out for who love me and the same people who hurt me.LIL DURK

Can’t trust none of these niggas. Don’t love none of these b****es.LIL DURK

who love you when no one there, who love you when no one care.LIL DURK

They tell me it’s all love, but I love all.LIL DURK

I still show love like y’all ain’t never count me out.LIL DURK

Lil Durk quotes about brothers;

I’m down to ride for my brothers, no. Can’t no nigga talk bad about my brothers.LIL DURK

If a nigga talkin’ ’bout fightin’ me, gotta deal with my brothers.LIL DURK

Don’t ask for no favors if you don’t look out for me or my brothers.LIL DURK

Been around my brothers, you give me endurance.LIL DURK

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