60+ Pop Smoke Quotes, Captions From Songs, And Lyrics

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Here we have shared more than 50 Pop Smoke quotes and captions from songs and lyrics that you can use for various things like feeling his presence, using them as your Instagram captions, and much more.

Pop Smoke was an American rapper and was newly entered to rap field.

There are not enough of his quotes that talk about life, but some of his inspirational quotes may touch your heart. (Visit our articles about NBA Youngboy quotes and Rod wave quotes to read some interesting rap quotes about life).

We have mentioned both his normal quotes and also quotes from songs.

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Pop Smoke Quotes and captions for Instagram;

Never thought this pain ah l ast so many years.

Nobody innocent if you ain’t dead better lay down.

You only as real as the people you surround yourself with.

You got my heart beating so fast to words I can’t pronounce.

And girl I told you once, don’t make me tell you twice

Sometimes you gotta be selfish when you trynna build an empire.

You got my heart beating so fast to words I can’t pronounce And I be getting the chills every time I feel your touch.

Be in control of your own s**t and your creations.

Nobody innocent if you ain’t dead better lay down.

I make rap. Rap don’t make me.

You cannot say Pop & forget the Smoke.

And she take a naked pic before she leave the door. I be waking up to pics before a nigga yawning. And every weekend my shawty comin’ over.

I don’t get mad, I get money.

And I be getting the chills every time I feel your touch.

I know you see this print through my pants that I know you like. And yo a*s be looking so fat when it be in them tights.

Pop Smoke quotes from songs;

In this section, there are Pop Smoke quotes from songs like, “Welcome To The Party”, “What You Know About Love”, “Element”, “Like Me”, and many others which you might have listened.

I be looking at the top and girl, it’s only us. All I need is your trust.

You know I never found love until I looked into your eyes.

You get what you please.

My whole life has changed. Since you came in. I knew back then. You were that special one.

One in the head, ten in the clip. Baby, baby don’t trip. Just lower your tone, ’cause you could get hit.

You know what I be on, I’m about to go raw. Cause I like what I see.

I had to apply the pressure, ’cause you my hidden treasure. I think I’m falling in love.

Ain’t nobody ever gave me sh*t with this big chip, I had to get paid. And it’s 10k to go on stage and you know the treesh gettin laid.

I might just hit it raw, hol’ on. That’s not my element.

She be actin’ up, she always tryna leave me. But she a bad gyal, and she freaky.

I never hit a b**ch more than once ’cause they be leeches.

I did some wrong, but I’m always right.

You say you’re looking for me, you got it right where you want.

Cause you the baddest b**ch I ever seen walk on the land.

Get money and stay aggressive, baby it’s your world.

I can take you out everywhere, f**k a jet fare.

You don’t gotta put your cup down, hold on.

If I don’t got it, she gon’ tase him.

I got the baddest b**ch out of the city. She got my name on top of her titty. I do my dance when I get jiggy.

Said I ride for my brothers, woo, woo.

Clean it up, I’ll have somebody take care of you. Watch him get hit while I’m sitting and staring.

I’m with the straights and the apes talking stone to stone.

I ride for my brothers and only my brothers You understand.

Pop Smoke quotes Dior;

She like the way that I dance. She like the way that I move. She like the way that I rock. She like the way that I woo.

I’m up in all the stores. When it rains it pours.

And she let it clap for a nigga. She let it clap for a nigga.

When I walk in the spot, 30 on me. Buy out the club, niggas know that I’m paid.

If I’m on the island, I’m snatchin’ the cell. Brody got locked, denied his bail. Until he free, I’m raisin’ hell.

Please don’t come out your mouth, you know I’m like that. I’ll make a movie like TNT.

Remember when I came home from corrections. All the bad b**ches in my direction.

Pop Smoke Quotes from “Mood Swings”

Shorty a little baddy. Shorty my little boo thang.

And shorty got the fatty. Shorty be catching mood swings.

Make me wanna treat you like a broke nigga. Always end up with the wrong niggas.

Give me bread and some more. Give me head and some more.

And we be shopping through the city. I gave her keys to the Bentley.

Get off your knees, you don’t gotta cry to me. I’m your best friend, baby, you don’t gotta lie.

I get you everything that you want and you need. From Chanel to Celine, it’s for you to decide.

Through the storm, baby, we can make it through.

Pop Smoke Quotes from “Something Special”

I think you are something special. I’ll take you on a shopping spree.

You don’t gotta worry ’bout nothin’ as long as you with me.

She said I could come with her if it get hot up in the streets.

They ain’t in the field, they on the bleachers.

Fly and discreet, a demon in the sheets.

Mother was a lawyer, her father the police. They be working long hours, so she always had the free.


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