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Pubg quotes and captions: so here you are to get lots of Pubg quotes and images. Today Pubg is one of the most trending games. We have mentioned more than 20 types of 121+ Pubg Quotes, Read the article till the end.

Pubg Quotes And Captions

Legends never die, whether it’s PUBG or any other game.

PUBG friendship quotes
PUBG friendship quotes

A true player is the one, who knows to get defeated for someone’s happiness.

Battleground mobile India quotes
PUBG quotes images

Pubg is the priority. No matters what approaches the way.

PUBG quotes for men who goes to Military Base
PUBG quotes for men who goes to Military Base

Kids go to school. Men goes to Military Base.

True things never leave you alone in life. And so did PUBG, it struggled a lot but still back in India for all its lovers.PUBG comeback quote

“Pubg is a game which turns people into a real gamer of the real life.”

We don’t play the games where winning is fix. Because victory is sweet when there are lots of risks.

BGMI memes


Pubg quotes in English

Pubg winning quotes
Pubg winning quotes

Now have some Pubg status quotes images. Below you’ll lots of Pubg images and quotes to use for status or simply for updating profile at any other social media platform. Anyhow, you must read all the quotes if you are a Pubg player.

We are Pubg players, we don’t need beautiful, we need battery full.??

Having the best training is what makes a warrior great.BGMI official quote

What we can learn from Pubg is; ? when we are together, we can fight the world, but when there’s no unity, we then pay for the consequences.

If Tiktokers call themselves a Superstar, than i would call my friend a Soldier who plays Pubg.

The best way to win is to strike preemptively.BGMI official quote

My life has become like Pubg…..And I’m in the red zone.??

“We’re not born winners. We have to make ourselves into winners by our dedication to the grind.”

A well-trained team can overcome numbers.BGMI official quote

life is like a Pubg game
life is like a Pubg game

It’s not just a game! It’s about Emotions.Pubg game quotes

The only way to deal with an enemy is to defeat them.

life is like a Pubg game, it knocks you down but your loved ones will always be there to revive you.

Pubg addicted boy and Tiktok addicted girl; makes the best couple ever, they will never have time to fight.??

Hamein wo nahin chahiye jo dil jala sake,?‍♂️ hamein wo chahiye jo Kar 98 chala sake.

“The extra energy required to make another effort is the secret of winning.”Denis Waitley

Quote for all pubg players
Quote for all pubg players

You snipe, you dive, you shoot, you scoot, you loot, you raid, you aim the f*cking head.Ronnie J Baroi

“Zindagi vi to ek khel ha, sahi se nahi kheloge to knock out ho jaoge.”

“If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner.”Zig Ziglar

I survived because the fire inside me was burning

greater than the fire around me.

“Wo nahi jo sath rehne ki jhuthi biswas de sake; BGMI walo ko wo chahiye jo last zone mai vi pyar se REVIVE de sakey.”

Log ab riste iss liye nahin nibha pate, Qki riston se zada ab unhe Pubg se pyar.??

“The true soldier fights✊ not because he hates what is in from of him, but because he loves ❤️ what is behind him.”

To take down another’s gun, you have to pick up your gun. Thaat’s PUBG.

Run fast before it ends, Make zone your best friends.

Single Zindagi is the best; na koi setting❤️ na koi chatting, only Pubg and happy life.

Karte ham fly, rehte ham high, rahega dur to teri ha Bhalai, karega loot to teri dhulai.”

Playing Pubg is better than playing with someone’s heart.

Life is like Pubg, we never know from which side the bullet may come and hit us. So live your each and every day, happily.

Pubg quotes and status image download

“She played with my emotion, i preferred playing Pubg.”

“We don’t play the games where there is no risk, come to Pubg if you think yourself a real winner, then the future will decide, who deserves the chicken dinner.”

Pubg sad, broken heart life quote
Pubg sad, broken heart life quote

A broker heart, an empty pocket, and those random squad matches will teach you the hardest session of the life.

Ham so lenge bina khaye roti aur sabji, par kya majal ki hamein neendh aa jaye bina khele Pubg.??Jai Pubg

Pubg wallpaper with quotes 

Maturity is when you realize; “Winner winner chicken dinner,” is not a great success.

“Ham bato Mai nahi, maidanon mai harate hain, aajana kavi dekh lenge. Pubg lover hain, Pubg khelte hain.”

Pubg players are always busy
Pubg players are always busy

Kyun khelte ho kisi ke dil ke sath? Khud ko itna hi khiladi samajhte ho to Pubg khel kar dikhao.

“Kisi mei na dum jo humko rok le, nishana lagaye jaise 8× scope hai, aayega koi hamare raste mai to, usko uday uski to mout hai.”

Pros have simply formed the habit of doing things, noobs don’t like to do.

“The real liers are not true players, and the real players are the true lovers.”

We are born to; play Pubg!

“It is more painful then, the moment a girl breaks your heart; when AWM breaks the level 3 helmet.”

“Life jaise Pubg, ham khele jaise marzi, lootein ham duniya phir vi dil se nahi farji.”

Pubg status, DP and WhatsApp profile picture

Waise to ham kisi ko hurt nahin karte, lekin kya karein, sala duniya ko sareefzade pasand nahin.

Sath mai team jo le ke chalega, chauda Rahega tera caleja, sab ka ek hai target, to sath mai sab ke tu bhi badeja.Pubg rap Anthem

PUBG quotes and thoughts in english
PUBG quotes and thoughts in english

The above mentioned quote is highly recommended for those who keep good understanding of life and living. It’s not about guns, but in life, many times we come across certain situations where we have to speak.

And if we remain silent, then the other will take advantages over us. And many times we have to proof ourselves, that we aren’t weak! Sometimes we have to fight in order to stop a fight.

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noobs quotes
noobs quotes

We are not noobs, we have just started.

Sometimes we feel the pain of that headshot inside our heart, not in the head.

Kabir Singh Pubg meme
Kabir Singh Pubg meme

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Pubg Comeback quotes and captions

So after a long time finally the favourite game of India, ‘PUBG’ is coming back here. Lots of us were missing it since it was banned in India. And so, with a grateful heart, I have shared some quotes for its come back.

True things never leave you alone in life. And so did Pubg, it struggled a lot but still back for all its lovers. #PUBGLovers!

All happiness of life at one side, and the come back of PUBG at one side.

We never played PUBG. We loved it.

Those who were happy because PUBG was banned, must now learn that it was not just a game for us! It was connected with our emotions.

The world will enjoy ‘Happy Diwali’ but some legends will enjoy happy PUBG! #PUBGCOMEBACK.

Short introduction of this article

This game has become one of the trending games worldwide. The day becomes useless without playing it. Many of us are attracted to it because of its performance and features for gaming.

It always feels like something is missing if we don’t have some pubg quotes or images to show.

In this article, I will be sharing a lot of things related to Pubg. And even there are Pubg life quotes in Hindi!

You may want some images, quotes or status of Pubg, for any purpose like setting a WhatsApp status, or any other.

You can use these thoughts for status, and dp also.

So enjoy the quotes given in this article.

Don’t leave without having a look at the whole article, there are many things you might like.

Pubg quotes/Captions for Instagram

  • Pubg is not only a game, it’s a world.
  • Playing Pubg is better than playing with someone’s heart.
  • We could also become a Tiktok star, but Pubg never allowed us.
  • Life was incomplete, until Pubg arrived.
  • Have a look at these Pubg Shayari.

Pubg winning quotes

  • Winners are not those who escapes and hides, but those who dies and fight.
  • To be a real winner, you must be able to achieve the chicken dinner.
  • Noobs can hide and play, but real winners can destroy everything.
  • Victory is not my greed, it determines my performance.
  • Winning is inside my blood, so don’t judge my Pubg scores.
  • Don’t play to win, but to enjoy the game.

Pubg funny quotes

  • My aim is so bad, even the enemies get disappointed.
  • Some players deserve this; “Sorry, your Pubg ID has been banned because bots can play better than you.”
  • Girls, if your boyfriend picks your call while playing Pubg; merry him.
  • Feel the moment, when you open a door in Pubg, with full loot, but found one squad waiting with a short gun, A few minutes later; you are found in the lobby.
  • Don’t lie, but at the beginning, even the bot was better than you.

pubg dialogue;

  • Pubg is extremely good, but don’t take it too seriously, or else it will cause you to sell ‘sabji’.
  • Dost aise Chahiye Jo pubg Mai hamare sath khel sake, Warna dilo ke sath to ladkiyan Bhi Khel Leti Hain.
  • Show your talent in Pubg, but never limit it there.
  • To better understand your enemies, make sure you’re one of their friends.
  • Make progress, not chicken dinner.
  • Pubg has become the new trend, relationship is somehow boring.

Pubg tagline quotes

“Never hurt a Pubg player saying ‘you are useless’ for sure! They can provide their true work.”

“Pubg is a game to be played with 100 people and defeat each other and repeat the same again. Not the games girls play with boys.”

“When someone says to stop playing Pubg, ask them what could better make you feel alive.”

“Girls are not always the reason for someone being awake until 12 ‘O’ clock. Sometimes there’s a need of 8× and sniper.”

“We can’t stop playing Pubg until Pubg stops playing with us – ‘salla hamesa new update.”

“We are the players of real games.”

“Yes, I will leave pubg, when the world agrees to provide me a game without glitches.”

“Morning – wake up – go for loot – get killed – return to the lobby.
Evening – Sorry! No changes found?”

“Others – think positive in the morning, start a better day.?

Me – lend military base, have better loot.”??????

“Remember the feeling when you have 8× and your friend has sniper, but no one agrees to give.”

Motivational Pubg quotes, in English;

“The real players never revive when the enemies spy. But travels from mylta to school just to revive their teammates.”

“We don’t kill enemies, we show them their real position.”

“A true player is the one, who knows how to get defeated for someone’s happiness.”

“Don’t ask anyone to stop playing Pubg, because it’s not just a game for everyone.”

“People blame Pubg for many reasons, I wish they could see the pain that is killed by it.”

“I want a girl who never stops me from playing Pubg, rather force me to lend pochinki.”

“Pubg is the one who accepts people when the world kicks them off.”

“Born to play pubg, living to play pubg, work for playing Pubg, and die with a headshot.”

“Don’t believe anyone in the world, even the m249 takes 7 seconds to reload, where you can be knocked many times.”

“Games are games, games are interesting, games are fun, but Pubg is my life.”

“Stop playing Pubg if you can’t accept to be defeated even for once.”

“We are not players who defeat others, but compel enemies to make themselves defeated.”

“Be like the 8× precious and rear, not like the Ammos found everywhere.”

“Don’t tease me, I’m not a game. If you want, let’s have a fight at the battlefield.”

“Pubg is not a source for fun, it saved many from being broken by unwanted forces.”

“It’s better to play Pubg then with someone’s heart.”

“Life is like Pubg, you are always knocked  down, as you have the one to revive.”

Pubg = 

P – play
U – until you get
B – breakup from your
G – girlfriend.

“Girls, stop playing with those innocent, you haven’t met the players yet.”

“One who loves playing Pubg has the potential to show their real love.”

“Girls, never leave someone who can leave Pubg to live their life with you.”

“Keep going, keep playing Pubg.”

“Life has given us the most awesome opportunity by providing a battlefield to show real anger.”

“Those are really important who make someone quit pubg and attend their call.”

“You are a true lover when you let your partner take the airdrop loot, and spy for their protection.”

“We can’t forgive ourselves for being an addict to Pubg, as it has eliminated the pain given to us by the world.”

Pubg mobile quotes

“I’m happy with my pubg life, it has a school to read, a hospital for sickness, military base to train myself and join the army, and pain killer to remove all wastages given to me by you and the world.”

“I’m not addicted to Pubg, I just found a safe and peaceful place for me.”

“I think playing Pubg is better than roaming behind girls to let them show their ugly attitude.”

“who says only pros can play pubg? Every pros were once unaware of the snakes.”

“Life with Pubg is much more Beautiful then with those who even don’t care for your words.”

“We are players, not the one who plays with hearts, but one who teaches those types of players.”

“The most beautiful thing about Pubg is that you can learn more about how many chances enemies posses to knock you down from behind.”

“Pubg is not a time pass, it shapes people by avoiding them to do useless things and play games.”

“Banning pubg can never be the solution, try to do something that allows us having much more than what is given by Pubg.”

“Snipers are not campers, it’s their duty which makes them camp, or else they would be more dangerous when a sniper uses AR guns.”

“We play, we die, we come to lobby, repeat the same. We are the real gamers, not a TikTok lover.”

“If the world doesn’t allow you playing Pubg, don’t allow them forbidding you anymore.”

“Life is just a simple game, anyone can knocks us down, we are lucky to have family and friends, who never reject to revive us.”

“We don’t want to be a girl’s heart winner, we just have to get, chicken dinner.”

“I know your girlfriend has given you break-up, don’t worry this world has a similar face as she acted.  come to me I’m known as Pubg, I have provided new life to many of those like you.”

“We don’t need others for our happiness, we just want an 8× and a sniper. The happiness comes out itself.”

“Life is small not the Pubg maps, lend anywhere ‘Jaha tumhari chalti ha’ and start increasing your kd.”

Pubg signature

Break level 3 helmet, not someone’s heart.Pubg signature lines

Born to loot, Pubg is the best.

Pubg is not Just a game, it’s an emotion.Pubg signature in English

I made another life, in the map of Pubg.

We are not noob, as we have just started.

You are pro, if you prefer to die, then finding long grasses.

They told me, ‘you are noob’ i replied, ‘Abhi Toh Hamne Suru Kiya hai.’

Baby, how are you? Baby why you are not replying?, Baby you are changed! Oh! Your baby is no more fool, he is busy finding 8×… Now get lost.

At first I thought playing Pubg is useless, then? I left thinking!???

An Empty pocket, a broken heart, and those random squad matches, teaches you the hardest lesson of life.

Run before Airdrop, not girls.

Pubg founded me when the world ignored.

Legends never die, may be it Pubg or any other game. They survive.

Pubg; the ultimate destination of friendship.Pubg friendship quotes

  • We don’t break hearts, we play Pubg.
  • Life is more stable when included Pubg.
  • Pubg is not easy, it requires strong heart to be the winner.
  • Chicken dinner has become the latest trend.
  • We are also winners in real life, not only in Pubg.
  • Be a gamer and break their helmets.
  • Never let Pubg control you.
  • Sometimes you win when you get defeated.

Pubg long quotes

Arey log hazaro saal ji kar v duniya dek nahi pate, yea to Pubg ha Jo tumhe minto me sabkuch sikha deti ha ‘Jab Tak zinda ho, sab tumhare sath Hain…Marne ke baad to apne v loot Kar chale jate Hain

Pugb ek game nahi, yea Meri jaan ha!”l
Pubg is not game, it’s my life.

Pubg Shayari

Ye sona babu janu ham Pubg walo se na ho payega, ye sona babu janu ham Pubg walo se na ho payega, kyunki hamme pata ha, unka message hamare game ke beech ma ayega.

Even after living for years, people still are unaware of life. Be thankful that Pubg teaches you within a minute. ‘When you are alive, everyone is with you, when you die, everyone start owning your property.

Hamein wo cheezein pasand nahi jiske waje see hamara focus Hil zaye, haamein… wo cheezein pasand nahi jinke waje se hamara focus Hil zaye, ye three magical word, ye pyar ki baatein kisi aur se pagli, ham Pubg wale risk v wahi lete Hain jaha jarurat padne pe revive mil Jaye.

Haamein to Pubg ne loota, ladkiyo me kaha dam tha, haamein to Pubg ne loota ladkiyo me kaha dam tha… Pada mujhe headshot jab blue zone mere upar or health ham tha.

Tu khoobsurat hogi, bhad me ja, ham nahkre nahi jhelte Hain, Pubg ke deewane Hain, Pugb khelte Hain.

Hamein pyar Karne ke liye kisi ki jarurat nahi, haamein pyar Karne ke liye kisi ki jarurat nahi,,,,,, hamari to din ki chain oor raat ki neendh to Pubg ne hi udda ke di ha.

Sun, jda free fire – free fire mat Kar, Pubg Mai as ke dekh zinda gaad dete hain, jab dimag hil jaye na, to AWM se bina scope ke level 3 ka helmet pahad dete hain.

“Zindagi vi ek game ki tarah ha, sahi se nahi kheloge to knock out ho jaoge.”

“Karte ham fly, rehte ham high, karega loot to tera dhulai, tera bura Sapna kar le try, sath mai chalte to jalti sabki, sare ande ace na mare koi palti, najar hate to headshot know down, aye Jo koi hamare raste mai to usko uday uski to mout ha.”

“Ham Pubg wale hain shab, AKM hame pasand hai oor M4 se hame pyar hai, kar98 oor m24 to utha lete hain, par AWM key liye nade se Marne ko taiyar hain.”

Ham Pubg wale hain Yaron bewajah Kuch Nahi karte, log kehte hain ‘kya Rakha hai Pubg mai?’ ham kehte hain, Pubg main aa kar to Dekho, ‘Yaha log kosis kebap se vi nahi darte.”

“Mai Apna waqt Zaya nahi Karta, ha Pubg khelta hun, par Kisi ka dil dukhaya Nahi Karta.” 

Pubg attitude quotes/status

Pubg sad love Quotes
Pubg sad love Quotes

“We are not noobs, we have just started.”

Pubg is not famous coz of fun, but because it makes people strong enough to avoid running behind others.

Playing Pubg is not my addiction; I just stopped being fake.

If you are a real Pubg player, it’s sure you have a little humanity.

we are Pubg players, anyhow something better normal boys, because we don’t look for someone’s daughter or sister, we look for Airdrop.

Those who say Pubg is useless, come and meet me at pochinki.”Pubg attitude status

If someone can play Pubg better, it may be because he don’t have the art of playing fake and cheat games with people.

Everyone was once a new player, but some were treated as a noob, and this is the pain allowed them to play hard, and now they got transformed into a pro player.

We are Pubg Lovers, we don’t need 64mp camera. We need 6GB Ram.

Pubg clan motto Quotes

Just play your best, and forget the rest.

PUBG; it’s not just a game, it’s brand.

We complete Pubg.

Real players starve for kills, not chicken dinner.

One shot, One kill. No luck only skills.

Pubg is an emotion.

Pubg quotes for boyfriend

Dear boyfriend! Stop making Pubg my new sautan.

Keep playing pubg, and merry it.

Pubg DP with quotes for love

Motivational Pubg quotes

These were some images that have got quotes inside it, and for sure you can use them as your WhatsApp status or dp.

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We thought to mention some images because many people search for it and it’s hardly available.

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Funny Pubg images/status, memes

Now below are some of the memes of this game. I found many people like memes of Pubg, so I too preferred sharing some.   These memes are funny and also useable for WhatsApp DP or status, it’s upon you.  

memes of Pubg
memes of Pubg


I hope you liked this article, thank you for giving your time and reading this article.

We have mentioned different types of things related to Pubg, because I never wanted to let people without what they wanted.

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Keep playing and have chicken dinner.

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Watch some videos on Pubg status, here in this video I found an interesting Hindi Shayari related to this game. Believe me, I was so high while listening to the quotes.

In this video, I found the quote that is based on pubg and relationship. It was so inspiring, I loved the status.

If possible, download the video from somewhere else and use it for your status.

And if you are to watch the video, prefer using headphones for best feelings.

Watch some more videos on Pubg, and they can too be used as WhatsApp status, I know everyone here is aware of the feature to use videos as WhatsApp status. But I have mentioned the videos from YouTube, and it doesn’t allow you to use the videos as status or anything.

So for that, you can visit some sites which allow you to download those videos.   Is pubg worth playing?  

Today lots of people are playing this game, they have made this Game as a part of their life. In some countries, people are so addicted that it caused them to leave many of the other things in life.  

Most of the people who play this game, are young and still in the improvement process, but after the arrival of this game, many we’re distracted from their real goal.   People gave more focus on this, rather than working for the real life.  

It’s very important for people to learn the real matter as soon as possible, because one day it would cost them heavy.  

I’m not talking about to leave it, but we must understand and keep in mind that this game is almost like the feeling while having a tasty meal. It goes in a few minutes.   Likewise, this game also will become old and boring one day.  

People must have more focus on the real-life and not in these types of games.   Although there are many things in life to do, there must be a goal and a passion to follow and priorities.  

Yes of course playing this game is not a loss, but it should not cross the limitations.   When you start loving game’s resources more than the real life. You somehow have been addicted of it.  

Try changing your thoughts and focus more on the goal.   How to how more self-control to avoid playing Pubg more?

  Self-control is much more important nowadays, it acts as an important agent for a person to make things in the limitations.

  Self-control helps us understanding what worth doing and how much.   It also teaches us about the benefits of patience and understanding.   Keep in mind, if you are an addict to success then, of course, you’ll become more productive.  

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