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Looking for some cool and interesting Rylo Rodriguez quotes and captions from songs and lyrics? Here we have shared more than 40 of them.

Many of the Rylo Rodriguez quotes are related to love and life, especially the quotes that I have taken from songs.

But there are also many inspirational and motivational quotes by The rapper Rylo Rodriguez.

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Rylo Rodriguez quotes and captions from songs for Instagram;

Not every body deserve the real you.

If she was solid when you was cheating she was cheating too.

I’m the same nigga when the mic off. Same nigga wanna take the lights off.

They say time come with change. But I spent some change on some time.

I be focus on making more money an less friends.

You know just like I know all I had was you. Caught up with different hoes, I ain’t mean to embarrass you.

Ion think nothing scarier then fake love.

My heart might not ever work again the way these niggas used me.

Just know haters are better stepping stones no cap.

Wishin’ I could erase what we’ve been through. Wish that I could erase me hurtin’ you.

She gave me a heart, I can’t see where to go.

Fake love worse then real hate.

Folks always want you to do sum for them but in return they won’t do sh*t for you.

Single don’t mean you lonely an Relationship don’t always mean Happy.

You know I want you baby, I will do anything, I know you give me the same thing baby.

And all I wanna do. Is live and die with you. Ain’t gone let them niggas slide at you. I wish I could die on you.

Never forget who was with you when nobody else was.

Stay down they gone notice you.

I love my girl she got me if I’m wrong or right.

I don’t know who need to hear this, but this Wocky, this ain’t Act. I don’t know who need to hear this, but your boyfriend is a rat.

He ain’t see no money but the judge gave him a dime. I wish I could’ve fu*k some hoes off top but never mind.

Anybody can be loyal in front of your face da realist sh** is being loyal behind they back tho.

She know I don’t like to hit it, she ain’t got her hair on. The street don’t love a nigga back.

I’m thankful for the genuine people in my life an the ones who go out they way for me to never gain nun from me I’m thankful for dem.

Relationships really ain’t for me I love different.

She got me thinking lettuce, but I still be getting cake. Pull up, I can’t meet you ’cause I got too much at stake.

Say they never leave you but who be there wen it all comes down.

I can’t respect you if you talk sh*t about ppl you run with.

I was married to this money way before I met you.

‘Member being broke, talking four dollars. ‘Member standing in the tub for four hours.

One thing I’ll never do is talk down on somebody who I loved or love behind they back or run to social media with it.

Y’all be out this b**ch forcing relationships ain’t no way I can be with somebody an not be happy.

I turnt losses into lessons.

I got bros who got life, I still ask them when they comin’ home

I tried to buy love you told me it didn’t have a price.

When I think about you, I think about giving myself to you.

Only time they say they love you or pretend like they fwy if you got some to give em.

Sometimes good sh*t fall apart so better sh** can happen.

Where we from, a lot of these niggas 12, yeah, without the badge. They’ll give you a hundred shots in 12, that’s why I do that.

I got bros who got life, I still ask them when they comin’ home.

People really show they true colors when y’all fall out start saying sh** they been wanting to say.


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