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Stanford University is a private school in California that started in 1885. It has about 8,000 students who study for their first degree. The campus is outside the city, and it’s huge, about the size of 8,000 football fields. The school year is divided into quarters instead of semesters.

In the 2024 rankings, Stanford is considered the third-best university in the country. The yearly cost to attend, including tuition and fees, is $62,484.

Stanford’s campus is really nice, and it’s not far from San Francisco. There are lots of clubs and groups for students to join, like ones for business and building solar cars. They also have a famous football game every year against a rival school, and the winning team gets a special trophy. Many students live on campus, but they don’t have to after their first year. About a quarter of students join sororities or fraternities.

Stanford has seven schools, but only four have programs for undergraduates. The rest are just for graduate students. They have good programs for things like teaching, engineering, law, and business. They also do a lot of research on the environment.

There are also fun things to do outside of class, like theater and music groups. Some famous people who went to Stanford are a former president, a famous football player, an actress, and a golfer.

Stanford University Programs for Master

Postgraduate study has been a part of Stanford University since it started in 1891. Nowadays, over 9,300 students are doing master’s and PhD programs in 90 different areas across seven graduate schools at Stanford. These schools are: business, earth and environmental sciences, education, engineering, humanities and sciences, law, and medicine.

Engineering is the most popular graduate school at Stanford, with about 40 percent of students studying there. Stanford was ranked second in the world for engineering & technology in 2018, right after the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). After engineering, the next most popular graduate school at Stanford is humanities and science, where a quarter of graduate students study.

One-third of graduate students at Stanford are from other countries, and 61 percent are men. Unlike Ivy League schools, most graduate students at Stanford (69 percent) are working towards a master’s degree.

To apply for postgraduate study, you need to submit three things: a statement about why you want to study, letters from people who recommend you, and your academic records.

Some departments might ask for extra stuff, like things you’ve written before, so it’s good to check what each department wants before you apply.

There’s a fee of $125 to apply, and everyone has to give their GRE test scores. Also, if English isn’t your first language, you have to show you’re good at it by taking the TOEFL exam.

How much you pay for tuition at Stanford depends on what you’re studying. Generally, if you take eight units or more each quarter (that’s about two or three classes), it costs $10,620 per quarter to be a full-time student.

If you take more than ten units each quarter, or if you’re in medicine, law, or business school, it’s more expensive, around $20,000 per quarter.

For PhD students, Stanford can help pay for tuition through fellowships, assistantships, or teaching jobs. Sometimes master’s students can get help too, and sometimes other groups outside of the university help pay for students’ studies.

If the money you get doesn’t cover everything you need, you might need to get student loans or use your own savings or other money to pay for school. You can find out more about financial help for Stanford students from the university directly.

Life Sciences and Medicine

  • Biomedical Informatics MS Degree

Natural Sciences

  • Applied Physics MS Degree

Engineering and Technology

  • Materials Science and Engineering MS Degree
  • Chemical Engineering MS Degree
  • Management Science and Engineering MS Degree
  • Aeronautics and Astronautics MS Degree
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering MS Degree
  • Electrical Engineering MS Degree
  • Mechanical Engineering MS Degree
  • Computer Science MS Degree
  • Computational and Mathematical Engineering MS Degree

Social Sciences and Management

  • Statistics MS Degree
  • Learning, Design and Technology (LDT) MS Degree

University General Admission Information

General Criteria




At Stanford University, only 4 out of every 100 applicants get accepted. Half of the students who got in scored between 1500 and 1580 on the SATs or between 33 and 35 on the ACTs. But one-fourth of the accepted students scored higher than this, while another one-fourth scored lower.

When Stanford looks at applications, they really care about your high school grades. They also care a lot about your class rank if your school gives you one. Plus, they think letters of recommendation are super important too. You can find more info about other things they look at on College Compass.

Stanford University Scholarships 2024

Getting scholarships from Stanford University as an international student is really tough. If you’re from another country and you want help paying for school, you have to ask for it when you apply for admission.

Stanford doesn’t have a lot of money to give out, so they only help a few students. If you qualify for help, they’ll look at how much money your family has to decide how much they’ll give you. But if you don’t ask for help when you apply, you can’t ask for it later.

Stanford University Campus Amenities

  • Sorority Housing
  • Wellness Housing
  • Coed Dorms
  • Cooperative Housing
  • Apartments for Married Students
  • Special Housing for Disabled Students
  • Fraternity Housing
  • Theme Housing
  • Apartment for Single Students
  • Other Housing Options

Stanford University Employment Outcomes

According to Stanford University’s report on the Class of 2022, the average starting salaries for graduates have gone up for the eighth year in a row. Out of 462 MBA graduates, 309 looked for jobs, and 93% of them got offers within three months of graduating. The median salary for Stanford MBA grads is $175,000, which is about 1.5 crore rupees in Indian currency.

Some Key Points About Job Outcomes at Stanford University:

  • Out of all MBA graduates, 67% sought employment.
  • 93% of these students received job offers.
  • 84% of those who got offers accepted them.
  • The median base salary is $175,000.

In Terms of Industries:

  • 33% of graduates went into finance.
  • 29% went into technology.
  • 15% went into consulting.

Stanford University provides career support to help students plan their careers, develop skills, and make smart decisions. They also help graduates connect with useful networks and offer individual advice. The Career Management Center (CMC) at the Graduate School of Business assists students in finding job opportunities that match their interests and strengths. They also work with employers to help them recruit students who will be effective leaders in their organizations.

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