103+ Inspirational, Positive Quotes For Love (With Images)

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Inspirational, Positive Quotes For Love: love is nothing without a good feeling, here you will get a collection of best, true love quotes, positive thoughts and quotes for loveand loved ones.  Today, i have listed the best Quotes for Love.

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Quotes about love and life (thoughts for love)

1. “Life is nothing without a feeling called love, because it is something which bound us around others, and they become a reason for us to live.” – love is life.

2. “The most important love required for every human is; love for own self.” – love for ourselves.

3. “Life is long, without love we will be confused for whom and what to live.” – love is important.

4. “Like fish loving the water, plants loving the Earth, we too must love our fellow beings.” – love everyone

5. “Love cannot be explained if it could be; that’s not loving, that’s admiring.” – love is unexplainable.

6. “Love holds us around our relatives and to someone whom we wish to make a part of life, it also signifies our caring and feelings towards other beings.”  love is caring.

7. “Love makes us sad, happy, feel premium, it shows our dignity, etc.”  love is every feeling.

8. “Love towards something will remain in heart, it’s a feeling that makes humans attractive towards others and allows them to engage peacefully with others.” – love tides us with others.

9. “Peace is a word which shows the presence of love for life, country or anything.” 

10. “Love is a joy when there’s happiness, love is curiosity when there’s a distance, love is a strength when there are problems, love is sadness when there is disagreement

11. “Love makes life live.” – love allows life.

12. “happiness in love occurs when everything is done from the heart.” – love survives in the heart.

13. “love does not demand, it’s the feeling for someone’s happiness.”  love is happiness.

14. “in love, people don’t think they just do what’s responsible for the happiness of their love.” – love is not thinking.

15. “love has no identity of quantity or quality.” – love is blind.

16. “true love never ends, but it’s lost under miss conceptions and wrong imagination.” – love is trust and honesty.

You know it’s love when all you want is that person to to be happy, even if you’re not a part of their happiness – Julia Roberts

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Introduction to – Inspirational Positive quotes for love

Feelings are something that separates humans from other things. Love is the effective feeling of our life, it stays the values we have for others and to what extent.

 this article will help you to know the best positive quotes for your lovers, and also to whom you love.

Love is an effective word, it has a very deep sense.

This article will provide, positive quotes for love and other positive things related to love.

Note – this article is mainly focused on love, relationships, anyhow there are some more examples, but the goal of this article is based on relationship, love between two.

Positive quotes for love

“I will be with you, feel me in your heart, also when I’m no longer in the world.”

“Love forever towards you will never get over until I’m alive.”

“Stay happy, not only for yourself but also for someone who lives for you.”

“Don’t be sad, feel the moment when we were together holding hand in hand.”

“When I’m sad, I remember you, when I’m happy I remember you, and will always remember in every situation of life.”

“If you will be far, I’m sad, but not depressed because you are always present inside my heart.”

“Living my life with many hopes, but when all are broken, I can’t say I’ve nothing, only because I have a precious gem, it’s your love.”

“Whenever I close my eyes, I feel you, but when my eyes are open, I feel that I’m here for you.”

“When people say that I’m useless; no matters because they are wrong since I’m here, for you.”

“Always remember, you live not only me, but your family needs you too because we all love you, think of us in every situation of life.”

“Problems which occur, we’ll face together, we’ll live together not only in happiness but the worst situations will be transformed in happiness when we are together.”

Positive thoughts for love

1. “Love for you will never decrease, even the concluding word of my existence will be loved for you.”

2. “When I can’t concentrate on my being, I assume like to give up, but there’s a bunch of hopes, encouraging me, you are one of them.”

3. “Happiness doesn’t come to us, we have to make ourselves happy for what we live.”

4. “When you are sad, my heart confesses me to do something which can render you happiness ”

5. “We can face every difficulty of life if we are together.”

6. “Our mission is not only to marry and live a happy life but also to indicate people that true love exists.”

7. “When I came in your life, you were confused, once I came with you in your problems, you believed me; now what will I do for coming in your heart.”

8. “I always miss you because there’s a deep reason which cannot be explained easily if you really wish to know it;  enter inside my heart and ask with it.”

9. “I’m ready to work hard for my success because you are one of the motives for it.”

10. “Be with me forever, I promise; we will have to bodies but only one life.”

 Inspirational quotes for love

“One day will come when you will believe me, but I’m worried, whether it would be late.”

“Let me live my life, but I need your permission because; I want to live my life in you.”

“First time when I sow you, I was afraid to talk with you, but today I afraid to lose you.”

“Let the world change, we will remain the same for each other as we were before.”

“You live your life happily, may God give you every happiness but, let me live for you.”

“We are one today and will be one forever.”

“Your love is very important for me, it inspires me when I’m broken.”

“If we’ll worry about the problems which can people create for us, then we can’t focus on creating the solution now.”

“When I was alone, I thought I’m important in the world, but when you came in my life, I think I’m most important.”

“I’m weak for the situation now, but this will make me capable of you in the future.”

“The one who truly loves you will never let you go, no matters how worst the situation is; but will go very far from you if he founds himself as a problem for you.”

Strong relationship quote saying

“Let people try to break, but we will remain one forever.”

“Many tried and will keep trying to separate us, only because our relationship is strong.”

“Live for me and I will for you, but keep in mind; we will have to be our best to be the best of each other.”

“I know I’m special because I got you, and this opportunity is my ambition.”

“It is told by people that I’m made for you, they are right because you make me feel alive.”

“Keep courage inside you and live for me, wherever I may be, I will come for you one day.”

Believe me, just like when you close your eyes and try to hit the aim with the arrows.”

“It’s not only about our relationship but also for the word for which relationship is known; we have to successfully achieve our love.”

Thoughts for true love

“Our relation is rich because we totally live inside each other.”

“if my absence doesn’t affect your life then my presence has no meaning on it.” – APJ ABDUL KALAM

“The world may not understand us today, but everyone will apologize when we are married tomorrow.”

“I love you, not only because I like you, but I want to live my life with you.”

“When something happens to you, I wish to be with you in your every problem.”

“Think of me as your husband instead of thinking as a boyfriend.”

“We should be a good example not only for lovers but also for true lovers.”

“Singles can’t understand love, because they don’t comprehend something called true love.”

“When you feel I’m lying, just remember that I also love you for the bright future you can give to me.”

“Always remember, your dignity is my identity, you are not only you, but I’m also present somewhere inside you.”

“Let us make our present hard, to brighten up our future with the light of today.”

“a true love story has got no ending.”

If we want to maintain a true relationship, then believe in what you about your lover, and not what you hear.”

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Motivational quotes for lovers

“Today we are far, but this distance will become a tool for us to be together forever.”

“If you cry, just remember of me, I’m here for you in every situation of life.”

“I need you to live, you are important in my life because I love you from all heart.”

“Whenever you feel that I’m weak, just remind yourself, I won’t be the one forever which I’m now.”

“Love is nothing about wealth, it can  survive forever without the actual significance of wealth.”

“Love for you will never end, I’ll do everything required to achieve your love in my life forever.”

Loving is not only for the quality or quantity you have but for something which cannot be explained.”

“relationship doesn’t look for lovely voice and cute face, but it’s about a beautiful heart and trust every without eyes.”

“Find someone who cares for you, who fights for you, who appreciates you and respects you, yes! It’s one who loves you.” 

True quotes about relationship

“Love is not only about something to get from, but it is something which lives forever.”

Today love in a relationship has become very wide, and it has become the best example of love.

But it’s not only about relationship; for everything which makes us feel our value on earth for something.

If we love something then we really become caring for it, we are attracted to it.

Love is a confusing term that has got a different sense of meaning but all of it refers to the same thing.

Therefore, love is not something we want to get from someone for the satisfaction of our needs, but it means that we are caring about something and we want it to be with us or for us forever.

When we love we want the happiness of our love, we want them to be safe and secure always. There are numerous hopes for our love.

Relationship Must be pure and true, it doesn’t make any sense if it’s made for some reason of satisfaction or lust or needs.

Let the relationship stay immortal because love is nothing without a true relation.”

While in a relationship, try finding the best partner for life, who can run with your hand in hand throughout life.

Those who have been with true relations must be knowing the importance of true partners in life.

It shows the real value of ours, not for some days but we have to live for someone, forever.

Try keeping your relation true, the value you get will never make you feel down.

Several people are found with fake and short period relations, although they run their relation for some period and in the future, they turn into failure.

They knew, their relation is nothing about lasting forever, but it makes them feel uncomfortable.

There are lots of disadvantages, going to a fake relationship, problems will come, not only for today but it affects the future.

A relationship is nothing if there is no willingness for each other.”

It is always recommended to find the best life partner, not only today but for the future too.

Lots of relations have become only a simple namesake of relationship and love.

These things occur when there is no love for each other from inside.

If there is a willingness, they will be loved, and it can be known as a relation with love and feelings.

While you start a relationship with someone, make sure you are going with a proper person who really wants you.

Don’t focus on the coolness of being in a relationship, for others, you may become a little premium but not for the whole life.

Understanding is a factor which holds the relationship in a positive way.”
Most couples fail to bring up understanding among their relationship, this is caused because of several issues.

People worldwide are facing problems with understanding their loved ones or their relatives and, this is a common problem of the relationship.

The main reason for misunderstanding between two is, faith, believe, trust, honesty, laziness, truthfulness and so on.

Something lacks somewhere, and something misses out.

While starting a relationship with someone, make sure to know everything about them, although it is not necessary when thought as a lover, it’s very important in the long run.

Try to understand your loved ones, remove the misunderstandings.

This is only possible when we are concerned about the relation.

True relations are always appreciated by the world, it could be better if all start looking for true love, and give importance to theirs as well as others’ life.

“Love is also about living for someone else.”

First of all, we are more important for ourselves then for others, but while in a relationship, we must assume as someone is waiting and lives for us.

Because love refers to the following meaning, it draws the attention of the two, towards each other and for this.

Many couples are interdependent, they love their life with someone else.

Thinking for the happiness of the loved ones, this is reasonable to understand the life of loved ones. It is because, in love, there must be some similarities in the way of living for both.

If not, some disagreements may arise which can harm the relationship.

It is commonly found in today’s relationship, both will have different aspects regarding any activity, both will debate taking their life according to their own views, and it’s not always possible as there may be negativity under one’s decision.

Again understanding plays an important role here, one must understand the value of actions which can either be harmful or useful for their relation and run according to it, instead of debating for their own views.

Always choose the positive, if your partner is correct, follow him/her. Positivity is a must.

Opinions must be shared, we should have debates but only to know which suits well for the current situation and may have only a positive impact on the future.

Never feel that your partner is examining you, always see the possible positive outcome, let the relation go in a proper direction.

Live your partner’s and your life too, at the same time.

“Having patience is considered as the key to success for any relationship.”

At first, patience is required to be with your partner and comply with it. Then while understanding it.

In today’s relationship patience seems to be missing, although couples try their best but anyhow misses the main point responsible for longer loving life.

Patience is required throughout life, it’s not sometimes which can help overcome a single situation only.

Keeping patience in every part and situations of life will make a successful relationship.

Because it is the core reason which allows making a good engagement between the two, one can have patience and overcome any situation hoping for a better outcome after a dark night.

Similarly, patients in every situation with hope can encourage the two to keep fighting with the problems.

Lean keeping patience, it takes your relationship to an accurate destination.

Just learn the art of keeping patience.

It’ll surely change your life.


  • Think positive
  • Give your partner the chance to express its views towards situations, after which, think of it and discuss the positive outcome, let both understand the same.
  • Whenever there’s a conflict, wait and think deeply before taking any action.
  • Control anger with the power of Patience.

“relationship is always attacked by anger, learn to control over it, you’ll win the game.”

After every pain, there’s a peaceful relief, the same goes in a relationship. One who can have control over the anger will take the relationship forever.

When a relation gets older, many changes arrive. people become aware of all the habits and living styles of their partner.

Because of some disagreements or any other factor, disputes arise and there one or the other gets furious soon.

relationship full of control is the best combination. No matters how much your partner gets angry, but try having control over yourself.

This will have a positive impact on the relationship and will take the relationship longer.

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“positive thinking is a must for a better relationship.”

Thinking is responsible for understanding any situation while in a relationship.

Any attempt made for the growth of relationships can always have positive aspects. One had to understand the thinking of the other.

Thinking acts as an important mediator because there are many situations that can harm the relation if dealt unwisely. Therefore it’s a must for every lover to understand each other and bring up positive thinking among.

“love what you live and not what you want.”

Living means the process throughout life, and wants are emergency or temporary needs, there is a vast difference between love and wants.

A loving life should be bound with the feelings of affection and not just satisfaction of wants.

Love appears in the form of feeling when the real feeling is found on us towards someone, that’s love.

quotes for love and trust

  • Love is a boat and trust is water, without any of these, we cannot drive the boat of relation.
  • When you really know what’s untrustable, just avoid it if you want to trust yourself.
  • A relationship with trust will pass over the road even without eyes.
  • When you’re sure that someone doesn’t trust you, just become true and let them trust you in your own world.
  • If someone breaks your trust, trust them more so they won’t effort to break again.
  • Trust is something that can allow looking everywhere which isn’t possible through eyes.
  • Trust them more who trust you.
  • True love is a responsible partner of trust, it forms with trust and ends never.
  • The real trust doesn’t need to be explained as it was never unknown.
  • The world is fastened with the thread of trust, which can’t be broken until positivity lives.
  • The best way to show the trust is, stay the whole positive.
  • Loving life remains the same forever, but the only condition required is trusting and believe forever.

Love quotes from successful people

“The most important thing in life is to learn about giving out love and getting in.” –  Morrie Schwartz

“If I know what is love, it’s because of you.” –  Herman Hesse

“Where there is love, there is life.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“the love you take is equal to the love you make.” – Paul McCartney

FAQs about inspirational love quotes and love:

1. What is real love?

Answer – love with the true feelings, everything that we see and hear of, we get attracted towards it. Some people call it to love but that’s not true, as love cannot be replaced by something new. It is a feeling with lasts forever.

Love cannot be something which reminds for problems, but it wants to eliminate problems which come or try to solve them.

Hence, love is wonderful.

2. What’s the best quote ever?

Answer – Quotes which makes you feel relief while in trouble, and renders positive signals to the body which allows us to make forward and end up the problems.

Best quotes are not only those which were told by great thinkers but, these are the words of humans with true feeling and wise consideration.

Quotes must be based on the possibility in real life and not something fictitious.

3. Can you love someone forever?

Answer – loving someone forever is not a job, or it doesn’t need any practice or guidance, but it’s important to know.

Of course, we can love someone forever but there must be a strong feeling towards each other and also trust each other.

4. What are the signs of true love?

Answer – True love is known as a positive sense of love. It reviles the significance of love.

True love is very rare, but it doesn’t mean that it occurs with some incidents like happens in movies.

True love can start even at first sight. But it is not necessary that the other will be single too. In that case, ignore it just imagine that it is not your true love.

But one who is single. Or in other cases it’s possible, but there should be no violence.

Remember, staying on a positive path is important.

True love faces many problems, we have to cross it by solving problems and not being depressed.

At the starting of true love, it goes normally as others but not always. And we have to make everything true by our truthfulness.

5. Is true love forever?

Answer – yes! It is something that stays forever, it never ends.

But patience and honesty need to be maintained.

There are unlimited alternatives available and many people change their way in the middle. Remember, always stay positive and focus on your life.

6. Can true love happen twice?

Answer – yes, but it depends on the consequences of life, it’s something like natural and not from our interference.

But the true feeling doesn’t change from one to another until it’s available to us.

While being in a true relation it is not necessary to know this. Because when it happens, everything goes naturally.

7. How many times can someone fall in love?

Answer – well, I don’t like to answer this because we should have relations only with one.

But some falls a lot in love.

But that is not loving, it’s other forms of attraction.


This article contains varieties of quotes about love, I hope visitors liked the collection of these quotes.

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All the given quotes are based on life and love.

The goal of this article was to inspire people through quotes.

The collection is based on relationship love to help people. share the thoughts along with images. But not for commercial use.

We laid emphasis on true love, it’s because people nowadays are darkening the name of love, and it’s very important to stop this and have a true relationship.

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