12+ Jamie Dutton Quotes From Yellowstone

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Jamie Dutton Quotes From Yellowstone

Jamie Dutton quotes from Yellowstone TV series, which you might like to read if you have watched the series.

There are many important and interesting quotes of Jamie Dutton mentioned here in this article.

These quotes come from the conversation on Jamie to other characters on the show, like Beth Dutton, John Dutton, Rip Wheeler, etc. And we too have articles on the collection of the quotes by many other characters of the show, you can get the source below this article.

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Jamie Dutton quotes

Here are some Jamie Dutton Quotes From Yellowstone:

I should have said no. That’s what I should have done. Because then you couldn’t blame me for doing exactly what you asked me to do!

Jamie to Beth

I need some advice, brother, if I can still call you that.

Jamie to Kayce

Eighty years ago, we coulda hung ’em from a tree. But today, this is the best I can offer. I can promise this, they’re never gettin’ arraigned.

Jamie to father

I did that for every father that would be sacrificing their family if they did it.

Jamie to john

Jamie: Dad, I won’t betray you. You have my word.
John: Well, we’re about to find out what that’s worth.

Rip, please, as a friend. I’ve always treated you as an equal. Like a friend.

Jamie: What do you want me to become?
John: A lawyer.
Jamie: You always say that you don’t respect lawyers.
John: Well, become one that I can.
Jamie: Why a lawyer?
John: Lawyers are the swords of this century. Words are weapons now. I need you to learn how to use ’em.

I always figured one day I’d do your job.

Jamie to John

Jamie: Workin’ with them is a deal with the devil, dad.
John: All the angels are gone, son. There’s only devils left. At least they admit it.


Jamie Dutton quotes to Beth

Hey! Beth. That is over half the ranch’s cash. What are we going to do in November if cattle prices go down? How much money do you think this ranch makes in a year? After payroll, property taxes, and hay and countless other expenses, NOTHING. This ranch has not turned a profit in six years. And maybe you don’t understand the impact of a few hundred dead cattle, but that’s half a million dollars rotting in the field! You f**ked us. Fu*ked. US. I want the ranch out of that trust, and I want it out today.

Jamie to Beth

I need you to forget how we feel about each other and remember one thing – we’re family.

Jamie to Beth dutton

I need you to forget how we feel about each other and remember one thing, we’re family.

Jamie to Beth

All. All I have ever tried to do is protect this family, most of the time from itself. You, more than anyone, should understand that.

Jamie to Beth


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