21+ Most Popular Dumb And Dumber Quotes

Dhaval Joshi

Dumb and Dumber quotes

Dumb and Dumber quotes: So in this article, I have shared more than twenty-one most Popular Dumb and Dumber quotes. Below we have mentioned all that you have come here for.

I watched this movie in ‘Hindi’ and believe me, I found it very funny and interesting.

And it was found that people have been looking for those funny quotes, from this movie so I decided to share some of them which made me laugh so loud at 12 ‘O’ clock, that even the neighbors woke up.

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Dumb and Dumber quotes

“According to the map, we’ve only gone 4 inches.”


“I’m going to hang by the bar. Put out the vibe.”

“Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself.”


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Dumb and Dumber quote aspen

“Some place warm, a place where the beer flows like wine, where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I’m talking about a little place called Aspen.”

Dumb and Dumber quotes so you’re saying there’s a chance

Lloyd Christmas : I want to ask you a question, straight out, flat out, and I want you to give me the honest answer. What do you think the chances are of a guy like you and a girl like me ending up together?

Mary Swanson : Well Lloyd, that’s difficult to say. We really Don’t…..

Lloyd Christmas : Hit me with it! Just give it to me straight! I came a long way just to see you Mary, just… The least you can do is level with me. What are my chances?

Mary Swanson : Not good.

Lloyd Christmas; You mean, not good like one out of a hundred?

Mary Swanson : I’d say more like one out of a million.

Lloyd Christmas : So you’re telling me there’s a chance. YEAH!dumb and dumber

Dumb and Dumber quotes just when I thought you couldn’t;

Just when I thought you couldn’t get any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!Harry Dunne

Dumb and Dumber quotes pullover;

“Pullover!” No, it’s a cardigan, but thanks for noticin’. “Yeah! Killer boots man!”dumb and dumber

Dumb and Dumber quotes old lady;

Lloyd: Excuse me, little old lady. Do you have change for a dollar?
Elderly woman: Change? No I’m sorry, I don’t.
Lloyd: Well, can you do me a favor and watch my stuff here while I go break a dollar?
Elderly woman: Of course.
Lloyd: Thanks. Hey, I guess they’re right. Senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose. I’ll be right back. Don’t you go dying on me!dumb and dumber

Dumb and Dumber quotes pretty bird

Harry Dunne : Petey? You sold my dead bird to a blind kid? Lloyd! Petey didn’t even have a head!

Lloyd Christmas : Harry, I took care of it…

Billy : Pretty bird. Yes, can you say pretty bird? Pretty bird, yeah pretty bird… Polly want a cracker?

Dumb and Dumber quotes the town is that way

Bikini Girl : Hi, guys. We’re going on a national bikini tour, and we’re looking for two oil boys who can grease us off before each competition.

Harry Dunne : You are in luck! There’s a town about three miles that way. I’m sure you’ll find a couple guys there.

Bikini Girl : [baffled] Okay, thanks.

Lloyd Christmas : Do you realize what you’ve done?

Lloyd Christmas : HEY! HEY!

Harry Dunne : Lloyd! Lloyd!

Lloyd Christmas : You’ll have to excuse my friend. He’s a little slow. The town is back that way.dumb and dumber

Dumb and Dumber IOU quote;

Lloyd Christmas : Go ahead, open it up. Do what he says. Hurry.

Nicholas Andre : What is this? What is this? Where’s all the money?

Lloyd Christmas : That’s as good as money, sir. Those are I.O.U.’s. Go ahead and add it up, every cent’s accounted for. Look, see this? That’s a car. 275 thou. Might wanna hang onto that one.dumb and dumber

Dumb and Dumber bar quote;

Harry Dunne: Why would she have you meet her in a bar at 10 in the morning?

Lloyd Christmas: I just figured she was a raging alcoholic!dumb and dumber

Dump and Dumber time quote

“- Lloyd Christmas: The first time I set eyes on Mary Swanson, I just got that old fashioned romantic feeling where I’d do anything to bone her.

Harry Dunne: That’s a special feeling, Lloyd.”dumb and dumber


Finally, I hope you are done with these quotes, and found it interesting and funny!

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