Rejection Makes A Man Stronger | Jiraiya Full Speech/Quotes To Tsunade

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Rejection makes a man stronger, Jiraiya full speech to Tsunade

The last conversation between Jiraya and Tsunade had been shared below. It includes our most admired quote and speech of Jiraya about rejection in men’s life. Here is the Jiraiya Full speech and some of the Jiraiya Quotes.

Tsunade- please come back Jiraya. If I would lose you too, then I… I don’t know.

Jiraya- Are you saying you cry for me? I’m glad to hear it, but I doubt it would be like the time that Don died. Right?

Tsunade- you idiot!

Jiraya- Say, how about making a bet with me? You gamble everything on me dying, after all, Tsunade you always lose your bets. Isn’t that right? Promise me, If I do actually manage to make it back alive… I’m only kidding Tsunade you know, I’m grateful to you. Rejection makes a man stronger, I believe that you can’t call yourself a real man unless you can laugh off all the bad stuff that happens to you, or at least use it as writing material.

Tsunade- So man’s only job is to strong?

Jiraya- Kind of! But that isn’t the entire story.

Basically, the pursuit of happiness Isn’t for us.

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Jiraya was introduced to us as an old perved who loves to peek at girls and read and write novels. But, as we continue to watch, several series of events turn people to acknowledge Jiraya and his contributions to the shinobi world. Regardless of the fact that naruto was not raised by a father, we come to realize Jiraya is someone not far to be known as Naruto’s father.

In his last conversation with Tsunade, he explains that rejection has been a great contribution to his life, and it doesn’t bother him much. Well, that goes from his part, but as a viewer, we can imagine what sort of life he has been leading.

Since the time Jiraya started to train under that 3rd Hoage, he wanted people to notice him, but he failed. He couldn’t protect his former students and lost his friend Orichimoru in a world of darkness. Not to mention, he got rejected by Tsunade several times. “Not being able to stop my friend and unable to protect either my student or my mentor. Compared to the great deeds of the Hokage my actions are all insignificant things and deeds. I wish I could have died like each of the Hokage.”

Of all these failures, he gained experience and continued in search of the child of prophecy.

In the shinobi world it’s not how you live, it’s how you die. A shinobi’s life is not measured by how they live but rather it’s measured by what they accomplish before their death. And looking back, my life has really been full of nothing but failure.

If you only noticed, even Madara Uchiha’s quote was similar to this. They both believed that the influence you make while you live is the greatest achievement, how long you lie has nothing to do with a good life.

Jiraya didn’t get much screen time in the series, but he still was one of those characters who rule over people’s hearts.

And his last speech to Tsunade about rejection is not just a part of their conversation but also becomes a good lesson for men to follow and live up to. Because in our world, getting rejected by a girl is one of the worst things that could ever happen to a guy. And this mentality has to be changed, for a man must not get stuck to such an event and move on.

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