30+ Zoro Quotes and full Speech About Luffy’s Respect

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Zoro Quotes and full Speech About Luffy’s Respect
Zoro Quotes and full Speech About Luffy’s Respect

Below is the entire speech that Zoro passed to his crew when they eagerly wanted to bring Ussop back to the crew without any consideration. All the words are shared in this article and it also includes those interesting quotes that you often come across. So, here is an article on Zoro Quotes and full Speech About Luffy’s Respect.

Roronoa Zoro Quotes about Captain’s respect and making Ussop apologize, Episode 323

All of you, hold on a second! I understand that you want to see him again, but I won’t allow you to bring him back here. You can’t kiss his ass and tell him you’re happy to see him again,

you know that. Until he bows his head and apologizes for what he did, he can’t come back.

It doesn’t matter what you two were thinking when you started arguing, and it doesn’t matter who was wrong or who was right, either.

When two men agree to have a dual with each other, no matter what the outcome is, they have to accept it.

And after he lost that dual, he left by his own accord. You understand, don’t you? He may be an idiot, but this guy is still our captain. We’re better off without a crew member who doesn’t respect their leader when things get rough.

A crew with no respect and a captain that doesn’t demand it are destined to fall apart quickly.[Zoro to luffy] Listen! I don’t mind if you’re easygoing most of the time. But right now, you gotta man up. You can’t let people walk all over you. ‘Cause if you do that, it’s gonna be me who leaves this crew!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine if he joins the crew again– And it’s fine if you want him back. But… If he doesn’t apologize for what he did, and pretends like nothing ever happened between the two of you, then I won’t forgive him and I won’t stand for it!

I other words, we’ll leave the island without him.[Nami] Wait, Zoro. I agree that Ussop’s the one at fault, not Luffy, but we can settle that with him after he joins up with us again.

[Zoro] So the fact that he left our crew means nothing? He can come and go as he pleases?

If he pulls a pointless stunt like this on a whim, then how are we suppose to trust him moving forward? It’s simple. If the first thing that comes out of Ussop’s mouth is an apology, then we’re good. But if he tries to make some excuse, then he’s no longer welcome here.

We’re not just pretending to be pirates. This isn’t a game.


So these were the speeches and quotes that Zoro passed to his crew, and believe me, episode 323 of the One Piece anime series is something that fans will forever cherish. Though it was hard for many people to accept what Zoro said about Ussop, if we pay close attention to everything that he told, then it becomes clear.

Starting from the first episode, our straw hats crew encountered many challenges and they faced them bravely and was lots of fun. As the series continued, they come across the strongest of the opponents, learn more about the world, explore new things, and welcomes new crew.

But, in the water 7 arc, it happened for the first time that the crew member fought each other.

Even worst, in episode 323, Zoro’s speech against welcoming back Ussop after his fight with captain Luffy was more confusing.

But if we come to think of it, it was all Ussop’s fault. He already knew that their ship will no longer be able to sail. The Merry appeared in his dream and told him that she will carry them for a little longer. Ussop fully understood that she is about to fade.

And the experts as well denied the fact that Merry can be repaired. Even after knowing all this, Ussop refused to accept his captain’s words and challenged him to a dual with a condition that if he wins the fight, he might take the Merry.

On the other hand, Zoro wanted Luffy to stick to all the rules. Honour is one thing that he can’t joke with. And it was also an example for the rest of the crew to behave as pirates under their captain and serve their loyalty to him even during the worst. This was all about Zoro Quotes and full Speech About Luffy’s Respect.

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