“People Don’t Cry Because They’re Weak”, Did Itachi Say This? Know Here

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Since you are an anime lover and you’ve watched the Naruto anime series, it is obvious for you to search for quotes and speeches from your favorite Naruto characters. And so, you might also have searched for Itachi Uchiha quotes, and believe me, there are lots of amazing sayings coming directly from Itachi.

People don’t cry because they’re weak: Itachi;

But there’s a quote that goes like this, “People don’t cry because they’re weak, they cry because they have been strong for too long

” so, was it really said by Itachi? Unfortunately, no!

I’m still unsure, but I put up some research and didn’t find any trace of Itachi actually speaking these words in any episode. Although one thing you may definitely find is that, people place those quotes upon some of Itachi’s images and convert them into a video.

The entire reason behind this myth is created by people themselves because there are creators who don’t watch anime but are fond of creating and sharing things related to it.

It usually happens when some fans place any suitable quote to their favorite character according to their personality and the life they have been through. And it doesn’t make it look bad. People admire those images, reals, and tweets and they share. And so, some people start to misunderstand and think that it was Itachi’s original words.

We all like to relate things and so happens in the case of quotes. Misunderstanding occurs but the feeling remains the same and those quotes keep on making sense.

Today the quote, “People don’t cry because they’re weak, they cry because they have been strong for too long”, is viral among the people as Itachi’s words, but in reality, they are not!

The same quote also goes like this, “If a man cries, he is not weak, he just has been strong for too long”.

Even I don’t have any idea about the real author of this quote, but I’ll update you as soon as I found any trace.

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This quote contains a deep meaning that people find relatable. It speaks about man’s behavior that if someone is crying, doesn’t mean he is weak, but that he has been enduring and fighting his battle silently for too long. He has been strong through various setbacks and continued. But, there occurs a situation when he feels helpless, and that’s when he cries.

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people don't cry because they are weak. Itachi quote

“No single thing is perfect by itself. That’s why we are born to attract other things to make up for what we lack.”

“Those who forgive themselves, and are able to accept their true nature…THEY ARE THE STRONG ONES.”

People live their lives bound by what they see as “right” and “true”.

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