20+ I Want To Be Your First Priority Quotes, Caption and Status

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I Want To Be Your First Priority Quotes and Priority Quotes

Setting Priority is the most important thing in a human behavior. Your Priorities decides Important and urgent tasks. It also varies if your Priorities are good or not. If your Priorities are good then it can help or you to succeed and ft is not if then it can destroy your personal and professional life.

Therefore, in this article we have listed more 20+ I Want To Be Your First Priority Quotes which will help you to set good Priority. The Priority Quotes are listed below.

Best I Want To Be Your First Priority Quotes and Priority Quotes

I Want To Be Your First Priority Quotes and Priority Quotes

I want to be your first priority without hesitation and your last word before your last respiration.

A quote that expresses your feeling about being his/her first priority. And it goes on throughout life. Suitable for those who are in a true relationship and have committed to living their life together.

The only thing I want in my life is to be your first priority.

When you want to let your partner know that you are very serious about your relationship. And want to be his/her first priority before anything.

I want to be your first priority not your second choice.

In some relationships, people treat their partners as an option, which in my opinion is not a healthy signal for the relation. Let your lover know that you want him/her to make you their first priority and not a second choice.

A real man makes his lady feel like a priority, not an option.

I have seen this many times. When a boy treats his girl as first priority, it looks very cute and premium.

If you’re important they’ll make a way. If you’re not they will make an excuse.

Yes but one thing I would like to add here is that you need to become something really important. Keep working hard and make yourself a premium one. Never lose your self-respect for anyone in this world.

Never let someone be your first priority while they take you as an option.

Don’t do that, it is just like being played by others knowing. It’s better to be as normal as they are. This is life and here we must take decisions wisely because the regret sometimes becomes panic. Try to be as normal as possible, and never let others play with you.

Make your relationship your number one priority.

Lisa Ling

A quote by Lisa Ling which says that relationship must be kept at the first. Many people would agree to it.

No one is really busy. It all depends on what number you are on their priority list.

Actually it happens. If you are important to someone then there will always be time with them for you. If not, then also you will come to know them well within the time they give you.

You will always have time for the things you put first.

That’s because it will the first thing that you will be doing. Many people put their work on higher priority because it is the beginning of all other things in harmony with them.

You’re not an option, you’re my priority. And I want to be your priority too.

When you want to let your lover know that he/she is your priority and you want the same thing in return.

If you can go a whole day without talking to me, then go another.

This quote to me is, something romantic and funny type. Because it’s not a threat but to express the feeling that we want to connect with them everyday.

I want to become your first thought after waking up and your last thought before sleeping. Not your second or third choices.

Now a days, what I found is that not everyone is in relationship for the shake of loving each other but gaining from each other. But actually some of us want to be the one and the only for our lovers.

Never let anyone be your priority if you are only an option for them.

Same as the quote mentioned before in this article. Don’t be an option for others, while keeping them as your priority.

If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.

I found the similar situation with me. And if you examine this, what could be found is that, you always had time and a way for things that were important for you.

If she’s loyal to you. She shouldn’t be a choice, a thought, or an option, she should be your priority.

Really, this quote totally matches my thought. It feels like I’m saying this to all those stupid guys who don’t value the love they get from her.

Love is a priority. True love is being a priority.

Ananya Aggarwal

Yes, being a priority of someone in every situation is being loved truly by them.

If someone is really into you, you don’t have to keep begging them for a text, call or to spend time. They’ll do it if you’re a priority.

If not then all these things happen. If someone is not comfortable with you, try to be somewhere where you would get what you deserve.

Let me know what it feels like to be someone’s first priority.

For those who are starting a new positive and true relationship. It’s like conveying your true love indirectly.


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