25+ Khonshu Quotes From The Moon Knight Series On Disney+

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Khonshu Quotes From The Moon Knight Series

With the coming up of Marvel’s new web series Moon Knight on Disney+, we get to see many interesting and new concepts in the cinematic world. Many People got inspired by one of its charcter, Khonsu and many people were searching for Khonsu Quotes.

Khonshu is the God of the Moon and the God of vengeance who protects the travelers of the night. He appeared in the series starting from its first episode. He is the least trusted and most ignored among all the Egyptian Gods.

Marc Spector agrees to a contract with Khonshu and becomes the Moon Knight as the Avatar of Khonshu and moves forward to carry on his will.

25+ Khonshu Quotes From Moon Knight Series

Khonshu is both funny and badass. His powers are undeniably amazing and he appears as an interesting character in the series and stands against Harrow and Ammit.

I created this post to help you with some of the memorial Khonshu quotes from Marvel’s series Moon Knight which is available to watch on Disney+. Here is the list of of few most famous Khonsu quotes from moon night series.

Khonshu quotes from Moon Knight series;

I only punish those who have already done harm. I am real justice.

There is no deal in this, marc. Fix this. Fix this!

You swore he would not interfere.
Marc- I know, I can handle it.
Khonshu – you have proven you cannot.

Ungrateful, marc, altering the terms of our agreement. You were nothing more than a corpse when I found you.

Do you think you own this body? It belongs to me.

You know I’ll protect you with everything I have. You are worth protecting.

I know that you enjoy the work I have for you. We need each other.

Let me remind you, should we part, you may not like my next candidate, near and dear as she is to you.

To signal for an audience with the gods is to risk their wrath. Anger them enough and they’ll imprison me in stone.

See how you fear against Harrow without the protection of my healing Armor.

Marc- do you have any good ideas?
Khonshu- I have a bad one.

Marc: what are you doing?
Khonshu – sending the gods a signal they can’t ignore.

Last time I spoke to the gods, they banished me.

Our case against Harrow must be indisputable.

Spare me your self-righteous threats! I was banished for not abandoning humanity, unlike the rest of you.

Avatars are not enough! We need the might of gods. Return from the opulence of the Overvoid before you lose this realm.

I call for judgement against Arthur Harrow. Conspiracy to release Ammit!

Do it. Summon the suit. Give them what they deserve.

I summon the gods, you summon the worm. He won’t return the body.

You speak of balance, yet you choose him. Your Avatar is a sinner.

I choose obliteration over mercy.

You know the answer. I only punish those who have chosen evil.

Moon Knight’s first season ended with six episodes. We got to see some of the powers of Khonshu which define his strength.

Yet, there are many Moon Knight quotes worth sharing and we have listed them on our site that you can check out. This was all about 25+ Khonsu Quotes From Moon Night Series. Stay tunned for more such inspiring and motivating quotes.

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